Parent Coordinators are part of a large parent support staff now working in not only schools, but also part of a citywide initiative. There are District Parent Advocates located at Community District 16 Office and in District-based offices across the City.  Parent Coordinators are responsible for encouraging and promoting active involvement by parents in their children’s education. They also work to make all of our schools more welcoming to parents. In addition to principals and teachers, the Parent Coordinator is an important point of contact for parents at their children’s schools.  Parent Coordinators are trained to help parents find answers to their questions and concerns. Our goal is to make it easier for parents to resolve issues at the school level or find the information and services they need to help their children.

Ms. Logan is our Parent Coordinator. She can effectively respond to your concerns.   Her office is located in room 120. Matters that are URGENT or of an EMERGENCY  NATURE will be addressed immediately. She is responsible for encouraging and promoting your active engagement in your child’s education.   Please fill out the REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE form in the main office.

Norvena Anderson-Logan

Room 120

Direct Line 718-604-6909

Work Cell Phone 347-563 5406


Parents are invited to express their concerns.  Parents should feel free to contact the Parent Coordinator, Ms. Logan at any time they have a concern they wish to discuss with the school.  This is the first step if there is an issue or concern that you feel needs to be addressed.  She can be reached at 347-563-5406.  The Parent Coordinator may be able to resolve many issues or can arrange appointments with the appropriate personnel (Teacher, School Counselor, Assistant Principal, Principal) when necessary.