Karen Hambright-Glover, Principal

Welcome to The Weeksville School! Your active support and cooperation, combined with our best professional efforts will enhance the academic program and enrichment activities we have here for all our students.

The staff at P.S. 243-The Weeksville School is recognized for its talents and dedication and I am delighted in continuing to work with such a superb group of professionals.  

What has taken place at the Weeksville School in these last few years has been truly miraculous!  Our children have improved in Reading, Math, Social Studies and Science! We have truly made a difference in the lives our students.  Students are thriving! They are thirsty for knowledge. They have changed their mindset about learning. IT IS NOW COOL TO BE SMART. They are working towards levels three and four like never before. They care about their education. They are proud.  All of this is due to the positive and supportive collaboration between home and school, teachers and parents. KUDOS TO YOU ALL.

Thank you for helping us make a difference in your child’s education. Thank you for helping to improve our school. Our kids deserve better and we will continue to do better for them-with your continued support.


D. Pauline, Asst. Principal

When I think of the Weeksville School I think of the adjective, Progressive. It is clearly evident as the school years have come and gone that this is a place that is taking education to another level.

As the assistant principal I know that this school community takes on challenges and perseveres as one of the best schools in District 16. Progressive describes the school community’s approach to the school climate, instructional programs, staff and parents, and leadership. It is no surprise to us that families travel far and wide to keep their children in our school community. They know beyond a shadow of doubt, that we develop our students’ academically and morally while providing a safe, nurturing environment that celebrates all members of the school community. We are always advancing, moving forward and onward.

I sincerely believe that the Weeksville School will continue to be Progressive as we expand and extend our influence in the school community that is focused on the children.


N. Anderson-Logan, Parent Coordinator

I've been a part of the Weeksville Community since 1999 and the Parent Coordinator since 2003.  I have seen the parent community grow to become a more involved and active partner with the Weeksville School. We service every facet of the parent community from homelessness, GED training, food drives, coat drives, holiday help, housing assistance and several informative and certificate bearing courses.  

I am thrilled to be on this journey and I am loving every minute of it.  We are Weeksville Strong!! 

For more information on Parent Engagement, click here.


Alan Mason, Technology Coordinator

Being the Technology Coordinator means keeping all of the equipment in the building up and running. It also means that I get to do what I love every day!!! I keep everything maintained and upgrade when necessary. I’ve been at the Weeksville School for almost a decade and I’ve loved every minute of it!!!


Ms. Diane Lawrence, Administrative Assistant

There are so many reasons why I am "in love" with this school and it starts with the students. As an educator with nearly 40 years of experience, I have had my assortment of students who were challenging and students who loved to be challenged and I must say, they have made me a better educator. They have taught me to be at my very best everyday and to never give up on them.

The relationships developed with staff have remained tight and secured. These wonderful , caring, compassionate educators, can be counted on to complete any task, no matter the size! We greet each other with, "I love you" and actually mean it!