The mission of the Weeksville School is to produce literate, lifelong learners who are visionary and productive, aware of self, accepting of cultural differences, sensitive to others, and who apply knowledge to make morally responsible decisions in an ever-changing global society. We will accomplish this by providing a challenging, relevant, multicultural, integrated curriculum taught by a caring, competent, motivated, accountable staff, committed to the success of all students, in a safe, orderly environment conducive to learning in partnership with our entire parent community.

Who We Are

The staff at P.S. 243-The Weeksville School is recognized for its talents and dedication; providing a challenging, multicultural, integrated curriculum.


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The History of Weeksville

Our Weeksville Museum pays homage to the legacy of the ancestors that lived right here in this community, Weeksville!

“The Weeksville School is not only a school, but a community of strong leadership and dedication to making sure all students are nurtured and cared for.  As a member of the PTA, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing firsthand the support and dedication the Weeksville staff have for our children. I’m glad I made the decision to have my child attend this school since Pre-K.” Tamikia Bruce - PTA Treasurer

“My child has been a part of the Weeksville school since Pre-K and the school has offered great support and has shown a level of caring not only for her but for me as a parent.  As a member of the PTA, I’ve had the opportunity to witness firsthand the amount of dedication and love the staff has displayed when it comes to the children.” Daphney Borgella - PTA Secretary

“The Weeksville School has been a safe haven for both my kids and I. It’s warm and welcoming atmosphere has been a delight. It has a high excellence in academics and leadership and I’m proud to say that I made a great decision by choosing to have my kids attend here.” Kenrah Staine - Title 1 Secretary

“The Weeksville School has offered sound and quality education, and support for our community and neighbors. Under the strong leadership of the current principal, backed by and in partnership with the PTA, The Weeksville School (P.S. 243) is the best place for your children’s primary education.” William Nunoo